All SNAP Learning products are created to provide teachers with quality reading and writing resources. Educators can save time searching for engaging content and motivating activities, and mapping activities and assessments to standards by choosing SNAP Learning products.
We are only looking for Literacy and English Language teachers to help us spread the word about SNAP products and provide us with on-the-ground feedback of product performance and changing needs.
How Teacher Ambassadors Help Us
  • Join teacher and literacy communities and bring Snap Learning into conversations
  • Write a post on your teaching experiences, and reading related subjects for the SNAP blog
  • Share SNAP blog posts on related third–party pages and with others teachers and communities
  • Share their content and experiences with SNAP regularly on personal pages (twitter, facebook)
  • Offer discounts to other teachers interested in SNAP Learning products
SNAP Learning will support you with more information on how to follow-up on the above activities as well as frequency of interactions required. Please fill-in the form to apply, or send email nicola.zs@snaplearning.co for more details.
If you are an elementary teacher, preferably in the 4th or 5th grade and are interested in learning more about this program, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you with the program details.
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