Our Close Reading Portfolio (CRP) product was developed specifically to assist teachers from grade 2-8 implement career and college readiness standards. We recognize the unique challenges the new standards and assessment pose for both teachers and students. Our CRPs help teachers prepare students to meet these challenges by providing a unique protocol around the implementation of close reading. Our lesson plans are built around engaging content that challenges and engages students and prepares them for the new assessments. This product can be delivered in a print and/or digital format.
SNAP! Learning® developed the highly effective and rigorous FIVE-STEP lesson plan to make it easy for teachers to implement a close reading protocol that includes surveying the text, multiple readings of text, using various vocabulary strategies, paraphrasing, determining main idea, summarizing, synthesizing, quoting and citing evidence in text, collaborating, and writing.
SNAP! Learning® designed over 80 portfolios written to a specific history/social studies and science standards in both print and digital format. The Portfolios large format size is to accommodate for the markup and annotation of text.
SNAP! Learning® designed the Close Reading Portfolios as paired text around a common theme. Paired text may contain fiction and nonfiction or expository nonfiction with fictional narrative accounts.

They also contain various writing forms. These forms may include: stories, legends, tales, poetry, scenes from dramatic plays, primary source material, expository text, speeches, newspaper articles, advertisements, letters, blogs, memoirs, and more.
THE BOOK CHECK is designed as a progress monitoring tool. It includes up to 10 text dependent questions, each aligned to a College and Career Ready standard.
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