The College & Career readiness (CCR) were designed in an effort to ensure that our students are better prepared for college.
There are 10 ELA reading standards that describe what it means to be literate with four main shifts. The standards are organized by grade level: K-5, 6-8, 9-10, 11-College and Career Ready. The CCSS takes the 10 anchor standards in reading and spirals them up a staircase of sophistication over time to prepare students for success in college and their chosen career. Students who climb the staircase from kindergarten to 12th grade will be truly ready for the demands that follow.

Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards describes three measures of text complexity:
1) quantitative,
2) qualitative, and
3) reader and task.

Using this model, SNAP! Learning has developed an Analysis of Text Complexity for its published books. Below is a brief description of the process for determining text complexity for each SNAP! Learning title.
  • SNAP Learning uses Fleish-Kincaid and an estimated Lexile to determine the quantitative measure. Based on these measures, SNAP! Learning assigns each title to a grade band. These ranges are considered the "stretch Lexile ranges"; the range of text complexity for each grade band that is recommended for students to be College and Career Ready.
  • SNAP Learning has developed a rubric to determine the qualitative measure for each title. The factors are calculated together when determining the overall qualitative measure. These include 1) purpose, 2) structure, 3) language conventionality and clarity, and 4) language demands.
  • SNAP! Learning uses highly trained and experienced educators to describe an approximate level of complexity for the reader and task measure. A number of factors are associated with recommending a level of complexity for reader and task. These include cognitive abilities, motivation, knowledge (vocabulary and topic knowledge, linguistic and discourse knowledge, knowledge of comprehension strategies), and experience. The recommended level of complexity is only an approximation since many of these factors are based on what the reader brings to the text.
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