SNAP Learning products have been designed to work on a variety of devices and platforms. If you do not see the device or platform you require our products on, please contact us and we will get back to you.
A popular choice in classrooms and homes today, the Apple iPad is great for students to practice reading and work on SNAP Learning activities. SNAP products make use of the device features to provide an interactive learning experience with text, audio, photo slideshows, videos, animations, interactive learning activities and assessments.
If the Android tablet is your device of choice, then rest assured you'll be able to enjoy the complete learning experience SNAP products have to offer. SNAP uses Android's intuitive interface to offer learners with easy ways to increase fluency, comprehension, and reading skills.
Via Web Link
Deliver SNAP Learning to your students anywhere on the planet via a simple web link. Developed for classrooms with limited mobile technology and for access 24/7 at a literacy center, in a small group, after school, or at home.
Students can access the full range of tools and interactions from the desktops and laptops using a free, downloadable desktop widget. Reach students at home and let them enjoy the benefits of digital instruction on the devices they already have access to.
One of the fastest growing social platforms for education, Edmodo removes constraints of classroom only learning, gives teachers tools they need and want and allows students to engage more fully in the learning process. Edmodo is free to use and puts teachers in control of their classrooms and gives them deeper opportunities for customization. For more information on SNAP products available on Edmodo, click here.
Keep everyone in your class on the same page using your interactive whiteboards, interactive projectors, or even just a regular projector and computer with our specially designed whiteboard lessons or computer plug-in widget.
SNAP products can be delivered on interactive whiteboard created with Promethean Activinspire. Teachers can do classroom demonstrations on the chosen smartboards or any interactive software product that accepts the .iwb extension.
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