Structured Guided Reading is a product developed by teachers for teachers. It is a program built around best practices for teaching guided reading through a unique lesson plan format written around authentic text. Schools throughout the country have discovered how SGR is making a difference in literacy instructions for teachers and students. SGR is based on a blended model of instruction; it can be delivered in a print and /or digital format.
The lesson plan format is purposeful and predictable to ensure that outcomes are results driven. Professional development is built into each lesson plan to ensure consistency from grades k-5. Included in each lesson plan are extended student activities to reinforce the content of each title.
Titles are a blend of fiction and nonfiction and are grade level specific with an emphasis of science and history/social studies. Differentiate by any reading level from Ready to Read to Lexile 870. Extra support is provided for students with special needs and struggling readers. Our Structured Guided Reading offers many tips, tools, and activities to support students learning English as well. All 202 English titles are accompanied with a Spanish title in both print and digital format.
All titles and lesson plans are available in print, digital or a blended format.
All titles offer engaging content that includes slide shows, animations,, video and interactive flash cards.
This product has a proven track record of student achievement for all students, including English learners and those in special education. The table below shows that using Structured Guided Reading over a 7-10 week period with students in grades K-8 made a statistically significant impact on oral reading fluency and letter sound frequency gains.
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