I have used Snap in my 4th grade classroom and my students really enjoy it. They love the interactive textbooks on their iPads. This program definitely keeps my students focused and engaged!


Jennifer S, 4th grade teacher
Los Banos, CA

"The SNAP books are amazing hands on learning tool for students. After a student is done reading a book, the student is able to see how well he or she comprehended the book by taking the cloze comprehension test. I notice this activity alone, significantly pushes students to try harder."

Adolfo Lemus, Reading Tutor
Fresno, CA

"Snap resources for intervention are easy materials to use and offer everything you need to help your students succeed."

Jaclyn S., 4th grade teacher
Los Banos, CA

"The Snap reading program is easy to teach and it has all the elements that reading programs need. Students were engaged because it is very interactive and digital books provided information students needed to know. The word book was a great tool that helped students to know how many high frequency words they knew and from that establish a goal so they're on level."

Erika R., Intervention Teacher
Fresno, CA

"I believe the repetitive structure of the books helped my students a lot. They became more and more confident and comfortable."

Ms. Del Rio, RSP teacher
Kennedy, Franklin-McKinley, San Jose, CA

"The Snap materials have been very fun and easy to use. They provide the students with a great opportunity to learn using non-fiction texts. The students are motivated to read all the small books. They are truly engaged and excited to work with this program."

Mr. Garcia, 4th grade teacher
San Jose, CA

"Snap is an amazing program. The nonfiction content is of high interest to the children. The kids love the slide shows and short movies included in the digital program!"

Angela T., 6th grade teacher
Los Banos, CA

"Snap is an effective product to help children develop their reading and comprehension skills. In doing so, children have fun challenging themselves when learning new words and by coloring the fluency chart worms. It helps them to keep track of their reading progress."

Sara Rios, Reading Tutor
Fresno, CA

"Daily fluency practice was great. Students loved filling out the graph in the back of their books and keeping track of their growth."

Mrs. Loeper, Literacy Coach
Miner, Oak Grove, San Jose, CA

"Snap materials were easy to follow and it was fun for students. I enjoyed how well students adapted to these lesson plans, as if each lesson plan was made just for them."

Susana Cuevas, Reading Tutor
Fresno , CA

"My first graders made amazing leaps in their reading. They really learned how to locate known parts and word families. This crosses over nicely into what we are doing in the classroom in our regular language arts program."

Jamie D., 1st grade teacher
Los Banos, CA

"Snap is a great program that is so easy to use. It’s very user friendly. It provides consistent practice and is fun!"

Mrs. Olson, 2nd/3rd grade teacher
Miner, Oak Grove, San Jose, CA

"The lesson plan from Snap is well written. What I like is that it is divided into each section and is step by step which makes it easy for students to understand the story as well as for tutor to follow and deliver. As a tutor, I see huge improvement on the student's progress."

Phousavanh Southisombath, Reading Tutor
Fresno, CA

"I enjoyed the materials and the kids did as well. They were excited about learning and really wanted to meet their Oral Reading Fluency goals. The students were excited to come to every session."

Mrs. Parker, Special Day Class Teacher
Hellyer, Franklin-McKinley, San Jose, CA

"Snap is designed to be both teacher and student friendly. I've seen students become fluent readers in a matter of just a few weeks. Students have developed their decoding skills and have increased their comprehension."

Mrs. Preble, 5th grade teacher
Willow Glen Elementary, San Jose Unified, CA

"My students enjoyed the subject matter and activities. They were excited to meet and surpass their goals. I could see the improvements they were making, and that makes us feel that the time we are spending is really helping make better readers. I very much enjoyed using the Snap materials from Sullivan and hope to work with them again next school year."

Ms. Dauenhauer, 5th grade teacher
Allen at Steinbeck, San Jose Unified, CA

"There is a great variety of informational text that aligns so well with fourth grade social studies. Students are challenged to make meaning and use context clues with the cloze activities at the end of each lesson."

Mrs. Guzmán, Intervention Specialist
Bachrodt, San Jose Unified, CA

"Today one of our 5th grade classes did the performance task ELA part of the new test. The question format was nearly identical to the way the Close Reading Portfolios are set up. Some kids had to write a narrative, some an opinion piece and others an expository article. All students were referencing the text and or author, using quotes and so. Pat yourself on the back, your reading portfolios have prepared our students for the Common Core assessment!"

Jan Whitehurst, Principal
Los Banos, CA

"This is a great tool for teaching vocabulary and reading comprehension through informative text. It is much more advanced than having students read a story and answer questions. I feel that this product will definitely prepare students for Common Core Standards."

Nathan Jones, 6th Grade Teacher
Los Banos, CA

"Love this program! My students have grown both with using some of the vocabulary words on a daily basis as well as improving their writing abilities."

Sheri Ozbirn , 5th Grade Teacher
Los Banos, CA
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